Want to be functional? Schedule a nutrition consultation & develop a therapy plan.


Nutrition Consultation & Wellness Coaching

We offer clients an in-dept nutritional consultation and wellness evaluation. The client will be given a specific and personal health program containing educational information that will help them achieve optimum health.

Initial consultations are about an hour long to allow a thorough assessment of your state of health as well as to learn more about your concerns and goals. During the visit, a personalized profile and strategy will be developed. All consultations consist of a body composition analysis, nutritional assessment, lifestyle analysis, stress rating and eating evaluation. A meal plan will be forwarded within 48 hours of the appointment.

We recommend a follow up session to keep track of your status and review the plan of action. Continuous counseling  and monitoring is available to clients via conference call or video conference to monitor your progress. Follow up consultations allow us to not only track but to fine-tune your nutritional program.

Initial consultations can also be via video conference.

In addition, we provide meal prep services, personalized grocery shop tours and kitchen renovations along with nutritional consultation for private chefs, restaurants and meal prep companies.

Committing to any of our nutrition services start with a nutrition consultation.

Initial session, $125

Included is a customized nutrition portfolio with a dietary analysis, recommendations based on goals/lifestyle, meal plan and resources.

Follow up session, $65

Designed to further educate you and provide continued guidance for nutrition and health goals by focusing on accountability, progress, addressing any challenges you are encountering and answering any food and nutrition questions.

Monthly Health Coaching Program, $199

Program package includes monthly individual consultation, monthly group workshop as well as weekly email communication.


For month program package and other nutrition and wellness services, call/text directly at (713) 960-3810.

Ionic Foot Detox

The body is faced with loads of toxins every day. It responds by detoxifying itself through systems like the lymph glands, liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. However, the modern world is so full of toxins that the body is not always able to completely detox itself. That is why it is such a smart idea to look for alternate ways to detoxify the body. One of the best things you can do to help detox your body is take an ionic foot detox.

It is an all-natural foot detox (through the 4,000 pores of your foot) that revitalizes the body’s bio-energy. It rejuvenates the vital energy force of the body, allowing it to more efficiently detoxify itself. The ionic foot bath allows red blood cells to flow more freely throughout the body. This stimulates the cells in the body to absorb oxygen and release toxins. The body becomes much purer from these ionic foot bath treatments. People who undergo them feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the shedding of toxins that happens. Each session is 30 minutes.

Single Session, $35

Series of 3, $90

Series of 6, $150

Medical Massage Therapy

Synergy has an in-house Medical Massage Therapist, Mary Regan, LMT, BCTMB, CMMP, who specializes in reducing pain and restoring body function using both clinical and medical techniques.

For more information regarding prices and/or to schedule an appointment with Mary, click the link below.

Join our Nourish & Move Wellness Program

If you are serious about making some changes in you life and moving closer to the life that you truly desire, I want to make myself available to you and give you an opportunity to be in connection with me and the Nourish & Move network.

  • Weekly Health Coaching Assessments (group mastermind)
  • Monthly One-on-One Health Coaching Session (in person or online)
  • Monthly General Admission (wellness workshops)
  • Discount on Annual Retreat (June 2020)
  • Discount on Meal Prep Services

Booking & Cancellation Policy

All appointments must be booked online. If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, it must be canceled via the online portal. Any text messages/phone calls regarding canceling appointments will not be considered as a cancellation (only a confirmation that you have canceled online). If the appointment is being canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the appointment will be considered an early cancellation. There will be no fee assessed for early cancellations. For all appointments being canceled less than 24 hours of the scheduled time, the appointment will be considered a late cancellation. All late cancellations will be assessed a fee in the amount of the service appointment.

All Pilates Reformer clients will be required to wear the proper Pilates socks (sold on site) during their session. Children under the age of 5 who are unsupervised are prohibited in the studio.