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Pilates Client Testimony

Committing to Pilates Reformer twice per week, David was able to regain a full range of motion in both shoulders along with eliminate his chronic pain within 6 months. Now he plans to make Pilates a part of regular weekly routine for maintenance.

Pilates Client Testimony

As a recommendation from his Orthopedic surgeon, Goodwille came to Pilates. He has been to build muscle, correct alignment issues and improvement his posture post knee surgery within 3 months. Now is goal is developing his core and leaning out to his goal weight.

what clients are saying....

Robin Moore (committed to one weekly session along with nutrition)

"Since becoming a client of Crystal at Synergy, almost a year ago. I'm increasing my endurance and stamina. I'm becoming more disciplined and committed to living a healthier lifestyle. All of this from someone who leads by example, by simply living it. At Synergy, it's a very supportive environment invested in their client's growth, both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Crystal Hadnott and I can say Im a client for life."

Cynthia Briggs (committed to two weekly sessions along with nutrition)

"What an adventure Pilates Reformer has been!!! I have lost weight, feel stronger, and I am more confident than I have ever been before. The one on one time with Crystal has been life changing!"

Kathleen Jaap (committed to one weekly session along with nutrition)

"WOW! I cannot say enough about how Crystal and Synergy have helped me. Due to autoimmune issues, I could not do regular exercises and lacked energy. By the grace of God, I found Crystal! She has helped me so much. I can now bend and move with comfort and ease. This new freedom allows me to have a full productive day and spend time with family and friends. Now I am setting new goals for the future. Thank you, Crystal!"

Nico Bell (committed to one weekly session along with nutrition)

Crystal...simply amazing! When I began Crystal's program, I had been struggling with my weight as well as some other health issues. Crystal designed a nutrition and Great workout program for me based on body type (not a one size fits all plan) and I noticed a difference in my body after my first session. Finally, someone who will listen and understand that everyone is different. Synergy has definitely gained a lifetime client.