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About Us

Our Owner

Educated. Experienced. Empathic.

Crystal Hadnott, CNS, P.T., MPA, PhD

Physical Therapist, Licensed by the State of Texas

Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

First Aid/CPR/ AED American Red Cross

She became a student of nutrition after her colon fail in her mid-20s. As a way to educate herself about the healing properties of food, she became obsessed with nutrition studies and research leading her to receiving several certifications in the process.

As a student of Pilates, she discovered Pilates as a form of recovery. After having paralysis from hip to foot for 6 weeks on her left side, she had to learn how to walk again without the assistance of a cane. Once she had several private lessons and witnessed a transformation in her body, she was hooked immediately. She has practiced Pilates ever since not knowing that it would be the key to her becoming an avid marathoner and eventually, a business owner. Over a decade later after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Pilates would again be essential to recovery process. Now she feels that it keeps both her mind and body strong and in alignment. She is continuously impressed by the way that the Pilates method continues to evolve and grow, keeping her interested year after year.

As an Instructor, Crystal is compassionate, affirming, and inspiring. She has worked with all segments of the population: men, women, seniors, pre and post-natal women, people with injuries, people dealing with disabilities, and athletes looking to improve their performance.

Crystal is available for fitness and nutrition consulting, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops and retreats. For more information, visit her personal website below.

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Our Story

Purpose. Passion. Position.

After looking death in the face due to colon failure to battling with an autoimmune disease to overcoming paralysis from hip to foot to becoming a well-known marathon runner, our founder wanted to offer an affirming safe haven complete with a multitude of services and products that altered her life's story.

We opened our doors in October 2011 with the goal of creating a space that was affirming, yet also a neighborhood sanctuary.

At the forefront is our teaching is COMMITMENT: commitment to the individual in front of us as an expansion of our family, which is why we only offer private and duet sessions.  Each of our clients is seen as an addition to our family community, and is treated with respect while also being challenged to become their best version of themselves. This is what makes us different. We find the why then customize your solution.

People come to us for many reasons; to heal an injury, become stronger and more flexible, or to improve their current physique. Our clients represent the world outside our doors; ranging in ages from children to our elderly, and ranging in ability from those dealing with injuries and disabilities to professional athletes and dancers, and everyone in between. 

Our Studio

Private. Personalized. Professional.


Our studio has developed a comprehensive alternative therapy method environment to help injured individuals or those who suffer with chronic pain to find healing through movement.

We are private health and wellness facility which also serves as a resource center in Houston opened by appointments ONLY.  We use health, fitness and wellness to create an unique, warm neighborhood space that is beautiful and welcoming.

Our promise is to offer a friendly yet professional environment, supported by an exceptional team who bring their expertise and compassionate to each session.  Our staff are all highly qualified in their area of expertise with a vast amount of knowledge and bring her own distinct style and smile to every appointment.

Tired of driving to multiple locations for your health and wellness needs? Tired of mediocre results?

Whether you want to take your sport to the next level, revamp your workout or recover from an injury, we can help you achieve your goals. We will guide you through a great workout that is both challenging and safe. We are grateful you have chosen us,

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